Future Plans

As the only organisation in Malaysia set up to help people suffering from SLE, PSLEM has to work towards extending its reach to every State to benefit all SLE sufferers in the country. Besides its Secretariat in Petaling Jaya, PSLEM is targeting the setting up of five Regional Counselling Centres as follows:

  • In Georgetown, Penang to cover the northern region
  • In Johor Bahru, Johor to cover the southern region
  • In Kuantan, Pahang to cover the East Coast States of Peninsular Malaysia
  • In Kota Kinabalu to cover the State of Sabah
  • In Kuching to cover the State of Sarawak

PSLEM is planning to set up a Lupus Resource Centre. This centre will house the administration office, a meeting room, counseling rooms and a library.

    Its objectives include :-

  • 1. Providing an one stop centre where information is available regarding auto-immune disorders
  • 2. Providing an area where counseling to patients can be performed in comfort.
  • 3. Providing a conducive environment for patients to research on their disease and interact with others
  • 4. A hub for educational and social activities related to PSLEM.
  • We understand that this will increase the annual expenditure and will need all the support that we can get.