1. Provide social and psychological support to SLE patients and their families
  2. Promote the understanding of SLE and related Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD) among patients, their families and the community at large
  3. To collect, compile and disseminate information regarding causes, prevention, research programmes and available aids to manage SLE and related MCTD
  4. To operate as a resource base for information and literature regarding SLE and related MCTD
  5. To encourage and promote research and other activities relating to the prevention, diagnosis, cause and treatment of SLE and related MCTD
  6. To promote financial support for research, training and health care services for SLE and related MCTD
  7. To establish and operate projects rendering service to persons suffering from SLE and related MCTD
  8. To cooperate with all relevant public and private agencies and services for persons suffering from SLE and related MCTD
  9. To recommend and assist in the formation of such legislation as may be required to assist and improve services to those suffering from SLE and related MCTD
  10. To campaign for, receive, hold and apply funds, gifts, bequests and endowments or proceeds thereof, to any of the purposes described in these objectives
  11. To foster coordination and development of all activities in relation to SLE and related MCTD